The Art of Gift Giving

The Art of Gift Giving

I truly believe gift giving is an art.  My mother was truly one of the best gift givers ever and I hope that I have inherited a bit of her talent.  Sometimes she would see something and know immediately who it would be for and why this was perfect for them.  Other times she would collect things that struck her eye and hold them until she needed something and had the ability to match her “stash”  to the person she wanted to gift.   Most people expect something on their birthday or at Christmas, but those “just because” gifts were always the best.  She would see something that reminded her of someone and she would grab it and deliver it with some thoughtful note.  Sometimes she would sign the card often she would not.  One of my most vivid memories of my mother’s giving spirit was the year she purchased everything on my Christmas list times two and anonymously gifted to a child in my class who otherwise would not have had a Christmas.  The family somehow found out who donated the gifts and the girl from my class thanked me for the gifts.  I had no idea what my mother had done because she never mentioned it.  My mother grew up anything but privileged so she had a special place in her heart for children who had to do without what other kids had. 

Fast forward to today, we love to help our customers find just the perfect gift and believe that everyone should experience the excitement and joy of giving the perfect gift for any occasion or just because.  We carefully curate what we believe the best selection of gifts to be found anywhere.  Our hope is that you find just as much joy in gift giving as my Mom did.

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