You’ve probably heard on the news about the global flower shortage that we’re experiencing right now. Sadly the flower industry is currently struggling for a lot of reasons, but it all stems from the pandemic. At Sisters we currently have plenty of flowers arriving multiple times per week, but we have experienced issues with getting specific flowers and supplies, and even the quality of the flowers that we receive is not always up to snuff. Here are a couple of tips to help you get the exact flowers that you want:

  • Order in advance - if you have specific flowers/colors/greenery that you are wanting and you give us plenty of notice, we can often request them from our wholesaler and reserve them for you if they are available.
  • Be flexible - our designers are awesome and you can trust that they won’t let a bouquet that’s not up to standards walk out of here. We have been selling a lot of “designer’s choice” mixed bouquets and letting our designers do what they do best with the flowers that are available. You can certainly request specific flowers or colors, but just know that they may not be available. Our designers can often substitute flowers with a similar look to give you the style that you want.

We want to thank our customers so much for your patience and understanding during this time! We appreciate you all!

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Maks are not currently required in the store, but they are recommended per the CDC.
  • We are regularly sanitizing surfaces, door handles, etc. Anything that our customers may come into contact with.
  • We are offering curbside pick up! Just call us at (870) 741-3441