Meet the Owner

If I had to choose my favorite flower, for now I would say it is a hydrangea. That tends to change day to day, and sometimes hour to hour depending on what I am working with. I have only been working with florals for 3 years professionally and as a hobby prior to that. I’m not sure of how to define my design style. I tend to gravitate toward asymmetrical design style with lots of greenery and high end flowers. In my spare time I love to paint. I currently work in watercolor and acrylic and am a novice at both. A native of Northeast Arkansas, I never imagined leaving “home.” I quickly learned that home is wherever you make it during my husband, Winston’s, Army Officer Career. Over 24 years we moved 11 times, had two children, made tons of friends who we refer to as our family and weathered deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Our two daughters, Katie and Grayson were raised everywhere, but most likely call San Antonio TX and Augusta Georgia home. Katie married into the family business. She and her husband Frank and our precious granddaughter Ellie live at Ft. Hood TX. Upon retirement from the military, we remained in the Augusta Georgia area for many years to allow our youngest daughter, Grayson, to graduate from high school. When Grayson decided to attend the University of Arkansas we saw that as the perfect time to move home. We have loved being back in our home state the past few years and love being a part of the Harrison community. Sisters has been a rewarding endeavor for us and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow in the future.
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I am currently 20 years old and am now a SENIOR in college. That is so weird to say. I am a student at the University of Arkansas and am pursuing a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development. My dream since I was a child was to be a “fashion designer in Paris” and I am getting to study part of that dream and have loved every minute of it. If someone were to ask my where I am from I would say Augusta, Georgia because it is where I spend the majority of my life and made friends that were family. Besides living in Georgia I have also lived in San Antonio, Texas and Waynesville, Missouri such different places but all because my dad was in the Army. 

What do you do at Sisters?
I help with the store front when I am home from school. While working in the store I am a sales associate by that I mean I help customers when needed, answer the phone, and make sure the merchandise on the floor is organized. Behind the senses I help my mom order new merchandise but primarily clothing because that is what I am majoring in college. I hope to be able to continue this store within our family for many years because I think it has brought us all so much closer than we already were.
What’s your favorite flower?
Peonies, I love how they are so delicate and need so much work but the pay off for the flower is so beautiful. 
What do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy shopping, working out, painting, and hanging out with friends, family, and my dogs.

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